Misael aus Monterrey in Mexico mit seinem PHILLIPS Fahrrad von 1970. Die Räder stammen ursprünglich aus England und wurden später in Mexico produziert. Dieser Fahrradtyp wird auch “The Dairy” genannt und wird viel im Alltag für Einkäufe von Brot, Milch und Zeitungskuriern benutzt. In Mexico werden die Räder “Las Lecheras” genannt.

Misael aus Monterrey in Mexico mit seinem Phillips Fahrrad von 1970


Phillips Cycles Ltd. was a British bicycle manufacturer based in Smethwick near Birmingham, England. Its history began early in the 20th century and ended in the 1980s by which time it had become part of Raleigh Industries, itself a part of the Tube Investments group. For a number of years, the company was the second-largest bicycle producer in Britain, after Raleigh. The company motto, which was carried on all its badges, was “Renowned the World Over”. The “Phillips” brand is still used around the world, especially in China and the Far East, having been licensed by Raleigh. (quelle_wikipedia)

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